Weddings, Mini Weddings, and Elopements

Getting Married Your Way

Congratulations on your exciting decision to get married your way. What's YOUR way? A balcony wedding, hot tub, garden, beach, fantasy, furry, handfast, broom, or other? 

Elopement Package
The full package includes two nights in the suite or room of your choice, JP service, flowers (bouquet and boutonniere) in your colors (choose fresh flowers or faux), color-coordinated cake (choose flavor and colors) or sweets of your choice, toasting beverage, and pictures/videos taken by the staff. Full breakfast is included both mornings plus your choices of snacks and beverages. Same-time-next-year anniversary discount applies if you book before departing.


Add guests for the ceremony at $25 per adult, children under 12 free. Lodging for added guests is subject to availability.


We will help you customize your ceremony and get comfortable with the process. You bring your marriage license and picture IDs. We will take care of all the arrangements.


The only things we cannot do for you are to find each other (you've got that) and get a marriage license in New Hampshire.


For more information or to book your package, contact or call 603-744-3636. 


With lodging and tax included, the package costs are:


Garnet Suite weekend 2 nights package is $1,178.29

Garnet Suite weeknights 2 nights package is $1095.45

Garnet Suite mid-week 1-night package is $864.37


Amethyst or Turquoise Room packages are about $100 less.


The stand-alone ceremony package without lodging is $450.

Mini Weddings

Turn an elopement into a mini/micro-wedding indoors year-round by adding up to 18 guests for $25 per adult/teen (children under 12 are free). NH  Tax 9% applies. 

Weddings at Coppertoppe and beyond...

Coppertoppe is ideal for summer/fall weddings with up to 50 guests. When asking for information about prices and packages, please state the number of guests you expect. 


For wedding planning and ceremonies or JP services at Coppertoppe, please contact to discuss your needs and vision.


For off-site weddings, contact, for more resources.