Directions and The Fun of Getting Here

Coppertoppe Inn and Retreat Center is set in the foothills of the White Mountains at the north end of Newfound Lake in Hebron, NH. We are on the west side of Route I-93 which is the ?other? side of the highway from Meredith, Lake Winnipesaukee and Squam Lake.

From the south, go north on Route I-93 to exit 23 and turn left/west on Route 104 which merges with Route 3A north in Bristol. About 8 miles north of the only traffic light in Bristol, turn left onto North Shore Road in East Hebron. The second right is Range Road (you will see our house mailbox and Coppertoppe B&B sign). Get a good start and go uphill for almost half a mile. Coppertoppe is the only house on toppe!

If you follow your GPS, you will probably go to exit 26 in Plymouth (where the big businesses are). If arriving for the first time in the dark, it's okay as there are more businesses around that way. However, it is longer and not as scenic in daylight. On the Newfound side of the ridge, there are very few street lights so drive gently and be alert for wildlife. 

From the north coming down I-93, take exit 26 to Route 25 west, around a small traffic circle and take Route 3A south about 6 miles to North Shore Road. Turn right and Range Road is the second right (you will see our house mailbox and Coppertoppe B&B sign). Get a good start and go uphill for almost half a mile. Coppertoppe is the only house up here!

From the west coming north on Route I-91 in Vermont, take the exit for Route 89 and quckly jump onto Route 4 to Route 104 for a long cruise into Bristol. At the traffic light, turn left/north on Route 3A and go 8.25 miles to North Shore Road on your left. See details above. Your GPS will probably send you up Route 118 through Dorchester and down Route 25 to Route 3A past Tenney Mountain. Not a bad ride, but longer, with fewer services and no cell signal. 

From the east coming from the north down through I-91 in Vermont, you can cut across at Orford and go about 30 miles on Route 25 to Plymouth NH, which skims the traffic circle and merges into Route 3A south to North Shore Road, turn right and Range Road is the second right. Uphill as above.

Clearly there are many ways to get to Coppertoppe. One thing to note about traveling in the north country is that any blank place on a map means there is a mountain. Otherwise, there would be a lake, river or road. Or, as they say up here, "Ya can't get theah from heah! Ya gotta go back and find a bridge or get around that mountain." Call us if you end up in the woods. 

Coppertoppe is only:
NOTE: To our knowledge, Range Road does not appear correctly on all gps/map services. We have communicated with NAVTEQ and hope this will be corrected soon. Please update your maps before embarking on your journey. Google Maps is doing better these days. If you are challenged getting an online map, search for Tenney Mountain. It is 5 miles away to the north. If you need more specific information, please contact us. We are happy to help with your travel plans! REMEMBER to observe speed limits. The authorities are serious and the crime rate is low. In other words, they don't have much else to do.

If your GPS map is unclear, beware. Shortcuts on ?some parts unpaved? roads may not be passable. Map services may not be accurate in rural areas like ours (we know they are not). To be really specific, you cannot access Range Road from George Road, but you can from North Shore Road in East Hebron, NH (NOT, mind you, Shore Road North in Bridgewater).

The junction of North Shore Road and Range Road:
N 43, 42.116? W 71, 46.826 Elevation 605 ft
The junction of Range Road and our private road, which has our sign right there:
N 43, 42.144 W 71, 46.903 EL 618 ft
The center of our parking lot:
N 43, 42.400 W 71, 46.896 EL 762 ft

You may note that from North Shore Road up Range Road which merges into our driveway is almost a half mile going mostly uphill. We are, after all, on a ridge of Tenney Mountain.

Getting here is half the fun!

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