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Add more romance and indulgence to your stay! Choose the treats or services that will make your romantic escape the most memorable ever. We can provide anything but the partner, given advance notice. Whether you are seeking a private time away, a birthday or anniversary celebration, or the perfect setting for a proposal, we will arrange whatever you with to enhance your experience.

We set the stage. You write the play. Whether you want a Honeymoon, Minimoon, Babymoon, or a Romance Renewal, Coppertoppe is an island of serenity and comfort with all the little touches you will enjoy.

Coppertoppe is the ideal place to make that proposal, and plan an elopement or wedding. Every proposal here to date has been a home run!

Our most outrageous package for Valentine?s Day or any personal romantic getaway includes:
Flowers, candies, chocolates, your choices of snacks, non-alcoholic beverages, wine, beer, artisan fudge or special treats, two Coppertoppe mugs or wine glasses, massages, Tarot readings, or private classes for cooking, Tai Chi or Yoga.

All packages may be added to a minimum two-night reservation with advance notice.
Romance Packages:
Level 1: Flowers or flowering plant, candies or chocolates in your room $45.00
Level 2: Flowers, candies, chocolates, your choices of snacks and beverages $55.00
Level 3: All of the above PLUS wine, beer, artisan fudge or special treats $75.00
Level 4: All of the above PLUS two Coppertoppe mugs or two wine glasses $95.00
Level 5: All of the above PLUS massages, cooking, Tarot , Tai Chi or Yoga Classes $295.00
Level X: Create your own package with your special touches. Individually priced based on what you want.

Note: Don't disclose any additional personal or payment information in your request