Music Recording

When we renovated the house to become a bed and breakfast/retreat center, we engineered the Library to double as a recording studio. Our recording engineer friend said we needed a ten foot ceiling. Check. We needed sound proofing. Check. We needed lots of electricity all around the room. Check. The basics were done.

What we needed next was a test case. Lindy Hop Heaven was a band that came together to play for the Swing Out New Hampshire danced camp at Camp Wicosuta on Labor Day weekend. They stayed with us rather than bunking in a cabin at the camp (George, the drummer was in his eighties already). We invited them to come a day early and record an album, which we would produce. These guys were so tight they worked out the play list on Thursday and recorded in one session on Friday. Randy Roos of Squam Sound came Friday to record, and Peter Davis (band leader) worked with him on mastering. Demo album done. Check. Proof of concept. 

Now we are ready to welcome solo or group artists for their creative retreats. We will handle lodging, food, comfort and TLC. We can probably arrange any additional resources needed. All you need to do is come and relax, compose, and play your hearts out.

To learn more about recording music at Coppertoppe, contact [email][/email]