A serene, luxurious retreat where guests are pampered and appreciated.

Is it contrary to good marketing practice to lead with a caution? In light of the novel coronavirus/COVID-19 situation, we are publishing our “sick day” and wellness support policy. If anyone in our household or if any of our employees are ill or have knowingly been exposed, they will not come to work or have any contact with guests.

We care about our guests as well as our families, friends, employees, and neighbors. Travel plans for work or pleasure, children’s camps, weddings or special events are usually made well in advance. With the current health crisis, it’s a dilemma for many people. Most of the OTAs (online travel agencies) are offering cancellations with full refunds and no penalties IF you are traveling from one of the official danger zones. We want to be more comprehensive and offer more options. The novel coronavirus is not the only contagious disease that endangers us all. No matter where you are from or why you are sick, you should stay home and recover.

If anyone in your household is ill, you may reschedule your visit with no charge.
If anyone in your household is ill, you may cancel up to two weeks before arrival with no charge.
If anyone in your household is ill within that two-week window, talk to us. We’ll work it out.
If anyone in your household is ill with anything follow the advice from official sources, such as:

“In order to keep you and your loved ones safe from coronavirus, it is important to take commonsense precautions. One of the simplest and most effective ways to protect yourself and others is by washing your hands frequently for at least 20 seconds. In addition, avoid sharing household items such as cups or silverware, and avoid direct contact with people who are sick. If you or a family member are ill, stay home, contact your physician right away, and follow their instructions. For more information about resources and how to protect yourself and your loved ones, visit CDC.gov or DHHS.NH.gov.”

Back to our regular reasons for choosing Coppertoppe!

We create a custom experience for each guest with a focus on their preferences and comfort. Within our small bubble of space and time, we pamper each person with love, respect, and active listening. Coppertoppe welcomes children, pets and all guests with love and attention. Weddings, elopements, retreat groups, birthdays, anniversaries and family reunions are hosted with joy.

Coppertoppe is a bed and breakfast and retreat center overlooking Newfound Lake in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. This is a modern home with fun decor, high tech, lush house plants, art, books, movies, and comfy furniture. It is a warm, friendly place that comfortably sleeps four parties in two suites and two spacious rooms. Amethyst Room is "Deluxe King Room" and has a balcony. Garnet Suite is "King Suite with Balcony" and has a huge, green bathroom. Jade Suite is called "Suite with Lake View" and is on the first floor. Turquoise Room is called "King Room with Balcony" and can be set as twins.

Please note: the mandatory room descriptions on some of the OTAs (online travel agencies) can be misleading. Turquoise Room can be EITHER set up with a king bed system (twins-to-king gear with a memory foam topper) or as two twins. It does not contain both at the same time. Please contact us directly by phone at 603-744-3636 or email info@coppertoppe.com to discuss your needs and preferences. 

Newfound is one of the cleanest lakes in the world, the fourth largest lake in New Hampshire. Pure, clean water, amazing views, state parks, waterfalls, hiking trails and the joys of Nature's Playground make visiting Coppertoppe a time away from the crush of modern life but with all the comforts of home. For more information about the Newfound Lake region visit NLRA.org

Although we are planning for our eventual retirement, Coppertoppe is accepting reservations for 2020. We are booking small weddings (2 to 20), reunions, personal and small-group retreats. We will also be offering cooking classes and occasional creative/crafty seminars open to the public. 

We do plan to spend more time with family. From November through May, we will accept advance reservations. Extended stays get special rates, especially on weekdays. Call us directly at 603-744-3636 to get the best deals. Visit our Promotions for a sampling of special packages or create your own. 

We appreciate our wonderful guests, cute children and pets, creative groups and glorious views. We hope nice people who treasure the natural bounties of the Newfound Lake Region will find as much joy here as we do.